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LI Keqiang
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Educational Background

1997 BS in Electrochemical Engineering, Harbin Engineering University

2004 MPhil in Environment Science, Ocean University of China

2008 PhD in Marine Chemistry, Ocean University of China, China. National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton, UK.

Career History

1997-2001, Assistant Lecturer in Materials Science and Engineering, Shandong Architecture and Engineering College, China.

2009-2010, Lecturer in College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Ocean University of China, China.

Since 2011, Tutor for Master students in College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Ocean University of China, China.

2012-2017, Associate Professor in Key Laboratory of Marine Chemistry Theory and Technology, Ministry of Education, Ocean University of China, China.

Since 2018, Professor in Key Laboratory of Marine Chemistry Theory and Technology, Ministry of Education, Ocean University of China, China.

Research Interests

Strategy for Forecast and Control of Coastal Ecological Disaster, Total Maximum Allocated Loads of Land Based Pollutants, Mainly in the Accounting for the Geographic and Terrestrial Source Loading Influence on Coastal Water Quality, i.e., Relative Effectiveness, Marine Self-Purification and Environmental/Loading Capacity of Pollutants.

Biogeochemical Processes of Eutrophication Pollutants in Coastal Water and Water Quality Model, Mainly in the Key Biogeochemical Processes of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Organic Matter in Coastal Water under the Impacts of Global Change (i.e., Ocean Acidification) and Human Activity.

Representative Publications and Achievements

Keqiang Li*, Jian He, Junlong Li, Quan Guo, Shengkang Liang, Yanbin Li, Xiulin Wang. Linking water quality with the total pollutant load control management for nitrogen in Jiaozhou Bay, China. Ecological Indicators 2018(85): 57-66.

Yan Wang, Keqiang Li*, Yan Li, Shan Lu, Baodong Wang, Xiulin Wang. Assessing the total maximum allocated load of jurisdiction petroleum pollutants in the Bohai Sea.Ocean & Coastal Management. 2018 (151): 150-164.

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Xingyan GuKeqiang Li*Kai PangYunpeng MaXiulin Wang Effects of pH on the growth and NH4-Nuptake of Skeletonema costatum and Nitzschia closteriumMarine Pollution Bulletin 2017 (124): 946–952

Shuping Wang, Keqiang Li*, Shengkang Liang, Peng Zhang, Guohong Lin, Xiulin Wang. An integrated method for the control factor identification of resources and environmental carrying capacity in coastal zones: A case study in Qingdao, China. Ocean & Coastal Management 2017 (142): 90-97.

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