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Academic Committee

The Second MCTL Academic Committee


Prof. Pingan Peng  CAS Academician,Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Science


Prof. Congjie Gao     Jointly appointed CAE Academician of Development Center of Water Treatment Technology, SOA, Hangzhou and OUC

Prof. Guibin Jiang    CAS Academician, ResearchCenter for Eco-Environmental Sciences, ChineseAcademy of Sciences

Prof. Baorong Hou     CAEAcademician, Institute of Oceanology, ChineseAcademy of Sciences


Prof. Qisheng Tang   CAE Academician, Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, ChineseAcademy of Fishery Sciences

Prof. Congqiang Liu  CAS Academician, National Natural Science Foundation of China

Prof. Yang Li        CAE Academician,China Petroleum & Chemical Coperation

Prof. Fei ChaiSecond Institute of Oceanography, SOA

Prof. Minhan Dai      XiamenUniversity

Prof. Pingxing Ding   EastChinaNormalUniversity

Prof. George T. F. Wong   Old Dominion University (USA)

Prof. Xuchen Wang    OceanUniversity of China

Prof. Guipeng Yang   OceanUniversity of China

Prof. Shouye Yang    TongjiUniversity

Prof. Shouye Yang    TongjiUniversity

Prof. Kefu Yu        Guangxi University

Prof. Jing Zhang     University of Toyama (JPN)

The First MCTL Academic Committee


Prof. Jiamo Fu        CAS Academician, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, ChineseAcademy of Science

Co- chairs:

Prof. Congjie Gao     Jointly appointed CAE Academician of Development Center of Water Treatment Technology, SOA, Hangzhou and OUC

Prof. Guibin Jiang    CAS Academician, ResearchCenter for Eco-Environmental Sciences, ChineseAcademy of Sciences


Prof. Baorong Hou     CAS Academician, Institute of OceanologyChineseAcademy of Sciences

Prof. Qisheng Tang    CAE Academician, Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, ChineseAcademy of Fishery Sciences

Prof. Ying Wang       CAS Academician, NanjingUniversity

Prof. Weijun Cai      University of GeorgiaUSA.

Prof. Minhan Dai      XiamenUniversity

Prof. Pingxing Ding   EastChinaNormalUniversity

Prof. George T. F. Wong   Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Prof. Pingan Peng         Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, ChineseAcademy of Science

Prof. Guipeng Yang    OceanUniversity of China

Prof. Zhigang Yu      OceanUniversity of China

Prof. Haisheng Zhang   Second Institute of Oceanography, SOA

Prof. Jing Zhang       University of ToyamaJapan

Prof. Huaiyang Zhou    TongjiUniversity