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MCTL Made Progress on Ladderne Records in East China Sea
PostTime:2019-04-02 Click:193

Sponsored by National key research and development program and NSFC programs, Prof. Meixun Zhao's group rebuilt the ladderane records over the last century in East China Sea and explored its driving machanism using the anammox biomarker.

The research result was published in Water Research recently (impact factor: 7.051).

Citation:  Zhao, Zongshan, Yali Cao, Ying Fan, Haili Yang, Xuwen Feng, Li Li, Hailong Zhang, Lei Xing, Meixun Zhao, Ladderane records over the last century in the East China Sea: Proxies for anammox and eutrophication changes, Water Research, 2019, 156, 297-304.