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WESTPAC WG6 Workshop Held in Qingdao
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On Dec. 17-18, 2018, WESTPAC WG6 Workshop "A framework for cooperative studies in the Western Pacific Marginal Seas: Energy and materials exchange between land and open ocean" was held in Qingdao.

The WESTPAC Organizing Committee is a scientific organization among the goverments. It was founded by IOC/UNESCO, aming to promote the international cooperation and coordinate the cooperative plans in Northwest Pacific and its marginal seas. Prof. Meixun Zhao from OUC and Prof. Jingzhang from University of Toyama were the conveners of the workshop. The participants included Prof. Takeshi Matsuno, Prof. Tomaharu Senjyu and Associate Prof. Takahiro Enhoh from Kyushu University, Prof. Guebuem Kim from Seoul National University,Prof.Anukul Buranapratheprat from Burapha University, Prof. Olga Trusenkova from Pacific Oceanological Institute and Prof. Ren-Chiel Lien from University from Washington (remote participant).The participants shared the research activities in the past year, including the on-going and future international research plans in marginal seas in East Asia and Southeast Asia, exchanged the related cruises information about the marginal seas and discussed how to promote the cooperation betwen marine chemistry and physical oceanography.

WESTPAC WG6 Workshop